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Altamonte Springs FL Home Inspections

Wind Mit Home Inspection In Altamonte Springs

RG&S Home Inspection provides professional residential and commercial services including, buyer’s inspections, seller’s inspections, and commercial property inspections in Altamonte Springs, FL area, including Apopka, Kissimmee, Longwood, and Winter Garden. We’re proud to have earned the trust of real estate professionals, homeowners, and business owners to handle all their property inspection needs.

4 point home inspection in altamonte springsWhat’s Included

Comprehensive Home Inspections in Altamonte Springs Include a thorough visual review of the major structural components and internal systems.

Structural: The inspector examines the interior and exterior conditions of the structure, including walls, siding, windows, doors, floors, attic, crawl space, and other features, like garages, carports, and patios attached to the home.

Roof: A complete roof inspection to determine the age and condition of the roof as well as checking for water leaks and any missing or damaged tiles/shingles.

Foundation: We inspect the foundation for visible cracks, moisture intrusion, and other damages, like rotting or pests that could affect the integrity of the structure.

Electrical: We examine the electrical panel, wiring, receptacles, and switches. We also inspect the grounding and electric meter.

Plumbing: An inspection of the entire plumbing system, including the water heater, faucets, and main shut off valve. If the home has a pool, an inspection of the pool pump is also performed.

HVAC: We examine the condition of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, noting its make and model, age, and condition. For homes with a fireplace, the chimney and flue are also inspected.

Our licensed home inspector will also test the built-in appliances, including smoke detectors, to determine whether they are functioning. Our Home Inspection Report will provide a complete summary and analysis of the current condition of the property with images of any areas of concern. If any repairs or replacements are recommended, it estimated cost is also included in the report.

Seller’s Home Inspection

Seller’s, or pre-listing, inspections can help facilitate a faster and smoother sales transaction. Instead of waiting for the buyer to complete an inspection, sellers in Altamonte Springs can obtain the same home inspection before putting it on the market. It saves buyers time and money and eliminates surprise repairs that could delay a sale. Sellers can share the home inspection report with prospective buyers, instilling confidence in their purchase decision.

Buyer’s Home Inspection

Buying a home in Altamonte Springs is a major purchase that requires due diligence, which includes obtaining a buyer’s inspection. We know how exciting it is when planning to buy a home, but we also know that hidden defects can become major repairs in the future. It is essential homebuyers get an honest, unbiased review of the property’s condition. Our comprehensive home inspection report will be delivered promptly, usually within 24-48 hours of the inspection. The report includes an easy-to-read summary listing any areas of concern that were found. A complete review of each area is detailed in subsequent pages along with images. We also include an estimated cost for any recommended repairs or replacements.

termite inspection in altamonte springs flNew Home Inspection In Altamonte Springs

When you move into a brand-new home in Altamonte Springs, you’re not expecting to have to make repairs due to a defect. After all, there is a One Year Builder’s Warranty. However, there is always a chance that improper installation or other types of damage to the roof, foundation, or other areas of the home may not be noticeable today but could cause problems in the future. Our New Home Inspection, also called an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection, is a thorough visible review of the property. If any defects in material or quality are found, you can notify the builder to make the repairs before the warranty expires, and it becomes your responsibility.

Why Choose RGS

As a premier builder serving Altamonte Springs and surrounding communities for over two decades, we have built a solid reputation for delivering accurate and reliable property inspections for homes and businesses. Our full range of Home Inspection services includes Complete Buyer & Seller Home Inspections, Wind Mitigation Inspection, Water Damage Inspection, Roof Inspections, Thermal Inspection, Foundation Inspection, Crawl Space Inspections, Attic Inspection, Insurance Inspection, and Commercial Property Inspections.