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A home is often times the single largest investment one will have in their lifetime. For this reason, being prepared for your buyer’s inspection is very important. This is the point where you will learn about many features of your new home. The inspector will tell you about minor repairs that should be looked into, as well as maintenance and larger problems. We encourage you to accompany your inspector while he walks through your new home and take notes on his commentary as everything he says may not end up in the final report. Make sure to ask questions and clarify any concerns you may have so you can treat your investment right and make your new home last a lifetime.

home buyer inspection in orlando flLicensed Home Inspector for Buyers – Buyer’s Home Inspection in Orlando

The home inspector will look at the interior, the exterior, electricity, heating and cooling, drainage, plumbing, visible insulation, walls, window, doors and other areas of concern for the home buyer. Throughout the home inspection, just remember that every home requires maintenance and a little bit of work, so problems may come up. The inspector will make sure to point out the positives about your new investment as well.

Things to watch out for when pointed out by the Home Inspector include the following:

  • Major problems – such as structural problems or water damage.
  • Any dangerous elements in the home – such as a gas leak.
  • Any problem that may lead to an even bigger problem in the future – such as a leaking roof.
  • Fundamental elements that do not function up to standard – such as built-in kitchen appliances.

The problems listed above should be addressed immediately, but can often be corrected with minor repairs and maintenance. Be prepared, after receiving and reviewing your inspection report, your home buying decision may be affected or additional negotiations with the seller may be required.

Make sure that you are aware of the condition of all parts of your home. A fresh coat of paint could be hiding a wall full of damage. Unless the home is being sold “as is,” make sure to get the problems taken care of before your move in date. Avoid surprises later by taking care of the problems today.