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home buyers inspection in Eustis, FLBuying a home is often the most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime. It’s vital to determine whether the home is structurally sound and if any defects exist that could affect its property value.

Although a property may appear to be in relatively good condition, a comprehensive review may reveal hidden problems that could cost you more money later. For example, the inspection will determine whether the roof is in good condition, if there are any damages, or if a roof replacement will soon be necessary. A buyer’s inspection helps protect home buyers from surprises and expensive repairs.

When buying real estate property in Clermont, Orlando, Winter Park or the surround area, homebuyers can have a home inspection of the property they are planning to purchase as a condition of sale in the real estate contract.

Our buyer’s inspection is a comprehensive home inspection. A licensed home inspector will inspect the interior and exterior structure of the home, its components and fixtures, and all appliances noting any deficiencies and if any repairs will be necessary.

Buyer’s Inspection Checklist

Our 8-point buyer’s home inspection is a full examination of the interior and exterior of the structure that includes:

Exterior: We will examine the exterior coverings, features, and components, including paint, trim, siding, garage door, windows, deck, porches, steps, walkways, driveways, and railings. We will also inspect the drainage.

Roof: We inspect the roof, which includes flashing, soffits, roofing materials, coverings, and any chimneys and skylights.

Home inspection in Kissimmee, FLStructure: The inspector will examine the structure to determine if there any deficiencies in the foundation, walls, attics, crawlspaces, garage or carport, pool, spa, enclosures, and outbuildings.

Interior: The interior home inspection also covers the interior features such as ceiling, flooring, doors, stairs, handrails, lighting fixtures, and appliances.

Electrical: The home inspector will check the electrical systems, including the wiring, fuses, breakers, receptacles, grounding, smoke detectors, electric service lines, and electric meter.

Plumbing: We will inspect the plumbing systems, including faucets, plumbing fixtures, water flow, pipes, water and pool pumps, water heater, and the main water shutoff valves.


HVAC: We will also look at the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system which includes furnace, cooling equipment, thermostat, piping, fuel supply, ductwork, vents, safety controls, flues, fireplace damper, and hearth.

Insulation: We will check to see if there is sufficient insulation by examining the attic, foundation, crawl spaces, walls, kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring.

Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

Make a home inspection contingent on the sale of the property you are planning to buy. Then call us to schedule the home inspection. We encourage prospective buyers to walk through the home with the inspector. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the condition of the property you are buying.

Buyer’s Inspection Report

We will send you the home inspection report promptly, usually within 24 hours. We are available to answer any questions you may have.