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Home Inspection Report by Orlando Home Inspector

There are many components that are included in a complete Home Inspection Report. Buyers look to find a house in a good location within their price range, but the home also needs to be in good condition to avoid costly surprises developing after the purchase of the home.

After 20 years of home inspection work, RG&S Home Inspection knows what to look for when conducting this unbiased assessment of a home. If the home was just built, or it has been lived in for generations, RG&S can examine all of the areas of concern during a Orlando Buyers Home Inspection and help to ensure them that they are making a quality investment decision. Home Sellers benefit from a positive home inspection too, and many savvy home owners have a Orlando Sellers Home Inspection done to position their property well in the market.

Each Home Inspection includes a thorough examination of the following areas of the home:


Including siding, trim, flashings, paint, windows, deck, stoops, porches, walkways, railings, drainage, and garage doors. Many of these areas are susceptible to water intrusion and damage. We look for current or potential problem areas.


Your roof is essential to protecting your most valuable asset – your home. We inspect chimneys, skylights, flashings, and all types of shingles, tile and coverings.


Home Inspection Includes the foundation, floors, walls, attics, crawlspaces, carports, pools, pool enclosures and outbuildings.


Including doors, windows, ceilings, floors, railings, partitions, fixtures, appliances and floor finish integrity (cracks, damaged wood flooring, moisture issues).


Ventilation Including attics, walls, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, foundations and crawl spaces. Proper insulation and ventilation in these area are key to year round energy savings.


Systems Heating / Ventillation / Air Conditioning - Including cooling equipment, controls, piping, fuel supply, distribution methods and ductwork, chimneys, flues, vents, fireplace damper door and hearth, furnaces and safety controls.


Including wiring, main service panel and disconnect, switches, outlets, conductors, breakers and fuses, receptacles, including GFCI, smoke detectors, electrical service line, type of grounding and meter box.


Including main water shut off valves, hot water heating units, faucets, fixtures, water flow and piping, water pumps and pool pumps.

RGS Home InspectionBesides inspecting these areas, we also look out for common problems that we often see in homes. The Orlando area weather also aides in some of these problems, so we take extra care to look for the common issues we see in the Orlando and Central Florida area.

While these are the most common problems found in Orlando home inspections, our Orlando Home Inspectors come across many other issues.

Much of the time poor maintenance is the main problem and simply keeping up with repairs as they occur will eliminate many problems. At RG&S Home Inspection we have many years of experience in inspecting, construction and maintenance of homes. We will tell you about the problem areas, and advise you on how to fix the issue or prevent further damage.

Orlando Home Inspectors - Orlando Area Specific Home Inspection Concerns

Roofing Defects

Roofing Defects are a very common problem found in Orlando area homes. This could be a result of age or improper installation. Leaky roofs should be repaired immediately, as these minor repairs will progress into costly major problems down the road. While metal panels and concrete tiles can withstand much of Florida's weather conditions assuming they are properly installed, wood shingles more often than not will require repairs. The chimney, plumbing and attic vents are particularly prone to distress.

Electrical Hazards

Electrical Hazards should be closely monitored. Electrical problems are most commonly found in older homes, but are not unheard of in new homes. Issues can occur as a result of amateur workmanship, lack of shock protection, ungrounded outlets, inadequate overload protection, and insufficient electrical service to the house.

Ceiling Stains

Ceiling Stains are hard to decipher as they may not be a current problem. It is often hard to tell if the leak causing the stain is still present or if it has already been taken care of. For this reason, our Orlando Home Inspector will take a closer look to make sure if the problem still exists, so the homeowner is aware of the problem.

Rotting Wood

Rotted Wood is an especially pertinent problem with Orlando area residents who reside in a moisture rich environment that is tough on wood. This is a problem with both the exterior and interior of a home. Inside, the areas around tubs, showers, toilets and faucets must be checked along with the roof eaves, trim and deck outside. Also, areas with possible flooding must be monitored regularly. Mold assessments may be required in moist areas as well.

A/C Maintenance

Air Conditioning units are in use 10 months out of the year for most Orlando area residents. They are an important fixture in every home, but they also typically do not get the amount of maintenance they need. More often than not with air conditioning units, the problems arise with poor maintenance rather than a mechanical issue. Leaking ductwork, dirty air coils and filters, and low refrigerant levels are all common but also easily avoidable AC problems.