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Kissimmee FL Home Inspections

Florida home inspection in Kissimmee

RG&S Home Inspection is a trusted provider of residential and commercial inspection services in Kissimmee, FL, and nearby cities, including Apopka, Clermont, and Winter Garden. Our two decades of experience delivering unbiased inspections is why many real estate professionals recommend us for their client’s property inspection needs.

4 point Home Inspections In Kissimmee, FLWhat’s Included

Our Comprehensive Home Inspections in Kissimmee Is a roof-to-foundation, interior, and exterior, multi-point inspection. While inspecting the roof for excessive wear or leaks, we also note its age and condition. We pay close attention to the trim, walls, siding, and external drainage for signs of potential trouble.

We also inspect the crawl space and attic to determine if there is sufficient insulation and ventilation while keeping an eye out for moisture intrusion, wood rot, pests, or other abnormalities.

The inspector will also walk through the interior to examine and test the electrical, plumbing, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. We will also test built-in appliances to make sure they are in operating condition. The front door, garage door, automatic opener, windows, and any other feature attached to the house is also inspected, including patios, balconies, walkways, and sprinklers.

Our Comprehensive Home Inspection Report, which is usually delivered electronically within 24-48 hours, includes the inspector’s findings. It will provide in-depth detail with images of any defects or deficiencies that were discovered, along with an estimated cost of recommended repairs or replacement.

Seller’s Home Inspection

Many sellers spend time cleaning, painting, and making repairs when getting their home in Kissimmee ready for sale. What shouldn’t be overlooked, though, is a seller’s inspection. It can be a significant advantage. A seller’s inspection is often referred to as a pre-listing inspection. It is performed by a licensed home inspector, just like a buyer’s inspection, except that it is done before the home goes on the market. It gives homeowners the ability to correct any issues reducing the potential of a surprise repair delaying or jeopardizing the sale.

Buyers Home Inspection

Getting a buyer’s inspection is one of the most critical aspects of the home buying process. As an experienced home builder and licensed home inspector, we perform a thorough inspection to give buyers a complete and accurate evaluation of the current condition of the property. We also encourage buyers to walk along with us, so they have a better understanding of the home they are purchasing, and we can address any concerns they may have. Buyers will receive their complete home inspection report within 24-48 hours. It includes a detailed review and images along with estimated costs of any recommended repairs.

thermal home inspection Kissimmee FLNew Home Inspection In Kissimmee FL

When you purchased your brand-new home in Kissimmee, your builder most likely provided a One Year Builder’s Warranty. However, sometimes there are defects in quality and workmanship that don’t always show up during the warranty period leading to surprise repairs later. Our New Home Inspection, also known as an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection, will let you know if we discover any material defects or abnormalities in the construction of your home. If any problems are found, you can share the Home Inspection Report with the builder so they can make the repairs while your home is still under warranty.

Why Choose RGS

Our more than two decades of homebuilding experience in Kissimmee and nearby communities is one reason why we are a trusted source for accurate and unbiased property inspections. We provide a complete range of Home Inspection services, including Comprehensive Buyer & Seller Home Inspection, Insurance Inspection, Roof Inspections, Water Damage Inspection, Wind Mitigation Inspection, Attic Inspection, Crawl Space Inspections, Foundation Inspection, Thermal Inspection, and Commercial Property Inspections.