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Longwood FL Home Inspections

professional home inspector in Longwood FL

RG&S Home Inspection is a provider of professional inspection services including, buyer’s inspections, seller’s inspections, and commercial property inspections in Longwood, FL, and surrounding communities, including Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, Ocoee, and Winter Park. With our 20 years of experience and recommendations by area real estate professionals, we’re a trusted resource for any type of property inspection.

structural home inspection in Longwood FLWhat’s Included

Comprehensive Home Inspections in Longwood include a thorough visual examination of the property, examining the interior and exterior structural components and systems. We look at everything from the roof down to the foundation. The inspector will walk around the property, looking at the walls, windows, doors, patio, pool pump, and other features attached to the home. We will look at the crawl space and attic for water intrusion, wood rot, or other damages. We will go inside the house and look at the internal systems, checking the plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. We also go into the electrical box, examine the receptacles, wiring, and electric service meter. The inspector will test the built-in appliances, including the automatic garage opener and smoke detectors, to determine if they are in working order. Our Home Inspection Report will provide a complete summary and review of the existing condition of the property.

Sellers Home Inspection

Sellers may be able to avoid a 10-day inspection contingency and sell their Longwood home faster with a seller’s inspection. A seller’s, or pre-listing, inspection eliminates the potential of surprise issues and repairs that can delay or impede the sale. It’s the same home inspection we perform for buyers, except that it is done before listing the property for sale. Sellers gain a competitive advantage in the market when they can show a prospective buyer a recent Home Inspection Report.

Buyers Home Inspection

A buyer’s inspection is a wise investment, regardless of the age of the home in Longwood. While many repairs may be obvious, there could be other issues that are not so obvious, like cracks in the foundation or other structural problems. Having an experienced builder and licensed home inspector to provide an in-depth and unbiased inspection, will give you the facts you need to understand better the condition of the property you are planning to purchase. Since time is of the essence, you will receive an electronic copy of our detailed Home Inspection Report within 24 to 48 hours. It also includes an estimated cost of any recommended repairs.

termite inspection in Longwood FLNew Home Inspection In Longwood FL

Now that you are settling into your brand-new Longwood home, it’s important to remember that your 1-Year Builders Limited Warranty will soon expire. Any problems that arise will then become the expense of the homeowner. That’s why we encourage every homeowner to have a licensed home inspector give their home an annual checkup before the builder’s warranty expires. Our New Home 11th Month Warranty Inspection is a complete home inspection that will let you know if there are any defects in the construction or built-in appliances that need repair or replacement. It can help you avoid unexpected repair costs before your new home warranty expires.

Why Choose RGS

As a premier builder serving Longwood and nearby cities for over 20 years, we have developed a reputation for providing accurate and reliable property inspections. Our complete range of Home Inspection services includes Comprehensive Buyer & Seller Home Inspection, Foundation Inspection, Insurance Inspection, Roof Inspections, Wind Mitigation Inspection, Crawl Space Inspections, Attic Inspection, Water Damage Inspection, Thermal Inspection, and Commercial Property Inspections.