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New Home Inspections with a Builders Experience

orlando fl new home inspectionOur years of experience as a Central Florida Custom Home Builder which continues to this day helps us bring to the table that same attention to detail in our inspection process.

Building a house is very complicated, each part that goes into a new home has its own installation methods and processes. This degree of detail combined with all the various FL State regulations and building codes can result in many opportunities for something to go wrong. When you buy a new home, you expect every part to be new and working properly. RG&S Home Inspector will help ensure that this is the case with every aspect of your new home. With the complexity of building a home, it is nearly impossible for the final product to be flawless. Quality control can be very hard to achieve, so it is good to have us on your side!

New Home Inspection – Licensed Home Inspector – Orlando Custom Home Builder

Unfortunately, when a home is being worked on by many different people, it is very likely that at least one of them has made a mistake. That is where RG&S Home Inspection steps in. Having built custom homes for over 20 years, we know just what to look for. We also are very familiar with the most recent Florida building codes. As a result of our building experience we know exactly what quality craftsmanship looks like and also what discrepancies may cause major problems for a homeowner down the road. Our job is to find the problems before you move in, avoiding the repair or renovation costs that may result because issues were not caught sooner.

Fine print in new custom home construction contracts giving very little liability to the builders themselves. It is often difficult for a home buyer to get the builder to correct the mistake once the home is occupied. Therefore, the mistakes must be found early, even during the building process. For this reason, RG&S Home Inspectors has a thorough home inspecting option that follows construction right from when the foundation is laid to when the final fixtures have been installed. This way, errors in the construction process will be spotted early and fixed along the way so that the end result will be the (near) flawless home you are anticipating.

The 3 step New Home Inspection process:

foundation inspection for home in orlando fl

Part 1 – Foundation Inspection: The first part of the inspection is conducted before the foundation is poured when all components that are directly connected with the foundation are in place. This inspection will include examining the plumbing, checking for termite and waterproofing treatment, checking formwork and reinforcement, along with backfill and compaction.

Part 2 – Framing Inspection: The second part of the new home inspection includes checking the house after all wood or steel framing members have been set in place. The exterior walls, siding, stucco, brick, roof sheathing, trim, windows, doors and roofing are inspected, along with rough plumbing, electrical, mechanical work are checked.

Part 3 – Final Inspection: The last part of the inspection is completed after all finishing has been done to the home. This inspection should be completed after the home is finished, but before the final closing of the home, to ensure all problems discovered during the walk-through are taken care of by the builder. Drywall, insulation, cabinets, fixtures, paint, trim and all other parts of the home are inspected here to make sure the entire house, right up to the finishing touches, is done correctly.

Inspections are available for homes in any phase. Whether you move in as soon as the home is completed or you purchase the home after a period of it being unoccupied, a home inspection is critical to verify that you are making a sound investment without costly surprises in the future.