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Rich & Kay M - Integrity, Honesty, Excellence, Professional… words that mean something and characterize what you get when Rob Goderis and his son Kyle are working for you. Whether building a home, doing repairs, remodeling or conducting a home inspection this father and son team can be depended on and will exceed your expectations. The quality of work and attention to detail demonstrates conscientiousness and mature experience. My wife and I have had the privilege of knowing the Goderis family business for many years and we would, without hesitation, strongly recommend their services. A positive element in our home building and inspection industry!

Stephanie‎ - RG&S Inspected my home in April2011, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Goderis provided a super thorough inspection report with digital photo documents of property features. Also, the report was promptly delivered with helpful advice. RG&S provided clear reliable communication during inspection and after inspection. I'm not the most handy gal ever, and Goderis helped to answer all of my questions in a language that was very easy to understand and helpful. Great inspection company!!!

Qubeit‎ - Great for home sellers too!! We put our house up for sale and knew we had a couple of problem areas that needed addressing. We hired RG&S to conduct target inspections on those areas. Well, they found the root cause of our problems, and since they are also a General Contractor, they were even able to fix it. I've known Rob, the owner, and Kyle for many years and had them do work at my house on several occasions. I can't say enough good things about them. Just like when you find a good car mechanic, when you find a good trustworthy contractor (who is also a great home inspector) you tend to stick with them because they are so hard to come by. RG&S is that contractor.

Kit M‎ - Over the past 8 years, Rob and his family have never let us down, and have proven their honesty time and again. Goderis & Sons built our home in winter 2003 into the spring of 2004. My husband and I interviewed several builders and felt completely comfortable with Rob Goderis from the very first time we met him. I recall telling my husband that I got a good feeling about Rob and felt that he was being honest and straightforward with us. Our home was beautifully constructed, and Kyle was a fabulous contractor. When visitors come to our home for the first time and ask who built it, we say Goderis and Sons with pride; we have even referred several friends to him. And Rob didn't just "disappear" after the home was built, and we have reached out to him and Kyle for assistance, recommendations, etc. over the time we've known them. He and his family are professional--he has built his company on pride and integrity--and a lot of hard work. I would recommend Goderis and Sons to ANYONE wishing to do any construction, renovation, home inspection, etc. Rob and Kyle are great to work with.

John‎ - Rob Goderis came out and did an inspection on a home I was looking to purchase and advised me of some roof damage. Sure enough after further inspection from a roofing company the entire roof needed to be replaced. Rob saved me thousands if this had been missed. He is the only inspector I will use from now on. I received his name from a friend of mine that had a house built by his company Goderis & Sons. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of his quality, care, and knowledge. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY!!!!


Reviews From Merchant Circle

Ruth ‎ - As a Realtor, RG&S are invaluable to my business. They provide a very thorough, easy to understand inspection report. As licensed contractors they have the knowledge to back those finding. I would recommend them to all of my buyers or sellers.

Jan Bernatti - Having Rob & Kyle (RGandS) do an inspection was my realtors idea. We did not think we needed to, because our home was in good shape. But the inspection turned up a small issue with some mold that was taken care of easily. Mold scares people and we are thankful we got it doen before a buyer found a problem during a deal. Buyers liked being able to look at our inspection repport (updated after repairs) and we had 2 offers. We are closing in March hopefully pending financing.

Victor - RG&S are great they make sure all items are viewed and make sure you are not buyin a lemon. they have the tools necesary to do a great home inspection. for example they have a devise that detecs moisture and a thermal devise that detecs a/c leaks in the walls.


Reviews From Yellow Pages

R.Bronson - On 5/26/2011 Robert Goderis conducted a home inspection on a home in Lake Mary, FL that I was considering to purchase. Because the home was REO/Forclosure I wanted a good quality home inspection performed by someone who knew their stuff. I found Roberts company on Angie's and I sent in a request via the companies website. Robert talked to me over the phone and gathered some additional information. Robert was very pleaseant to talk with and seemed to be well informed as to the kind of inspection I was seeking. We scheduled the inspection for the 26th. Robert was on time, well dressed for what he had to do, and had all of the right tools for the job. Robert conducted one the finest home inspections I've ever had, (This makes #9 for me). Robert gave me a tour of all the items he found and made several suggestions to me that I found extreemly helpful with the care of the home. Robert took the time to do some additional checks for me to the swimming pool pump system, the attic, and the central heating & air system. In all Robert spent almost 5 hrs with me, which is by far the most any inspector has ever done for me. My final report was provided to me by email, it was clear and easy to read. The report covered all items that he inspected, and had detailed photos of all of the findings listed. I truely felt that Robert did an outstanding job for me and would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of buying a home in central florida.

John and Terri Parmerlee - In January, 2011, RG&S did a home inspection for us for our insurance company. Rob Goderis shared the photographs and gave us some recommendations. The cost was well worth it. In 2010 we had Rob and Kyle put in two sliding glass doors. Their work was very thorough and they even came back to check on the fine details. The price was very reasonable. If we build a duplex in Wedgefield we will have RG&S serve as our general contractor/builder as they are very trustworthy.

ValGirl - When we were looking at a foreclosed house we were worried that it would have problems we did not see. Kyle and Rob came out and walked us through the inspection pointing out the areas that were a problem. Turns out that even though it had been sitting for almost a year there were not any major problems. We put in an offer and glad we got the inspection.


Reviews From Super Pages

Jimmy D ‎- Found these guys on Google because I did not feel comfortable using the guy my realtor wanted me to. Nice to have an "objective" opininon. This guy used to build houses in Orlando so he knows his s**t! They were quick and the report was quite impressive. Thankfully we found no major problems.

JR - Needed inspection by end of January to close, these guys did a great job and were there the next day after the call! Our realtor recommended them, honest company.


Reviews From Yahoo

Sphelos - RG&S inspected my home-to-be in April 2011. After looking around for companies, I chose RG&S for their very reasonable and affordable price. They provided a prompt, thorough inspection with digital photo documentation, helpful advice, and clear communication. After the inspection, Goderis was there to promptly answer any of my questions in a helpful language and with useful advice for future fix-ups. I'd highly recommend them to anyone! Honest and thorough!

Johnny - Recently needed inspection quick for closing - Rob & Kyle came out and got it done. Report was thorough and I was able to use it to negotiate some additional settlement items. They are also coming back to fix some small tile and trim issues with this vacant house before we close.