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Attic Inspections

Home Attic Inspection in Minneola FLThe attic is a space between the roof and upper level of the home, typically accessible above the garage. In some properties like townhomes and condos without a garage, attic access may be inside the house. Depending on the size of the home, the attic may be a minimal space, or it could be large enough to be used as a bedroom. Since problems in the attic can affect the overall condition of the home, inspecting the attic is an integral part of our comprehensive home inspection.

Insulation & Ventilation

Having the right amount of insulation in the attic will keep your home comfortable all year long, reduce energy costs, and help prevent moisture intrusion. However, the majority of homes do not have sufficient insulation, according to the North American Insulation Manufacturer’s Association (NAIMA). Older homes may also need additional insulation. Additionally, correct ventilation is also necessary for proper airflow. Sometimes attic vents can become damaged or obstructed and cause home ventilation problems. An attic inspection will determine whether your home has any insulation or ventilation issues.

 Leaky Roof

The first sign of a roof leak is often discovered through an attic inspection. During the inspection, our certified home inspector will carefully look at the roof sheathing, ceiling, and walls for moisture or water stains that are indicative of a leaky roof.

Pesky Pests

Cracks or small holes in the ceiling, walls, and vents can allow small animals, rodents, and pests to take refuge in the attic. Even small birds and bats can get in if the damage is severe. These pesky critters can do even more damage and can be a source of foul odors in the home.  We will look for signs of rodent and pest activity when inspecting the attic.

Home inspection in Kissimmee, FLWater Damage

Damages in the attic can also be a prime entry point for water leaks. If left untreated, it could lead to expensive repairs due to wood rot, mold, allergens, and other structural issues. During the attic inspection, we will look for signs of water damage and recommend any necessary repairs to correct the problem.

Structural Problems

An attic inspection can reveal hidden structural support problems that would otherwise be undetected. It’s vital to check the structural support system such as the beams, joists, and rafters to look for sagging, cracking, and other issues that could compromise the integrity and safety of the home.

Electrical Wiring Issues

Many homes have electrical wiring that runs through the attic to other parts of the house. Sometimes the wiring is not correctly secured or may even be unsafely exposed due to an improper remodeling project or an inexperienced contractor. Unsafe wiring can be a fire hazard, especially since its location is directly under the roof. That’s why it’s vital only to hire an experienced and licensed home inspector who performs thorough home inspections. Have questions? Visit Our FAQ Page.