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Professional Roof Inspections

Roof Inspection in Winter Garden, FLYour roof is essential to protecting your most valuable asset – your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t realize they have roof damage until they notice water leaks or stains on the ceiling and surrounding walls. A roof inspection helps homeowners understand the current condition of their roof so they can spot problems before significant damage occurs. It can help avoid costly repairs and prolong its useful life.

Roof Inspection Services

We perform a thorough inspection of the roof to assess its current condition and remaining useful life.

Roof Type – We identify the type of roofing materials on the roof and its geometric shape.


Water Intrusion – We examine the roof for signs of water leaks.

Roof Damage – We check for deterioration and other visible damages like cracked or missing shingles/tiles.

Age – We determine the age of the roof and calculate its remaining useful life.

Condition Report – We give you a detailed assessment of the roof’s current condition.

Condition Certificate – We provide you with the certification your insurance carrier requires.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against weather-related damage. All roofs are subject to normal wear and tear. Deterioration is part of the aging process. However, our sub-tropical Central Florida climate can accelerate its decline. Strong winds and heavy storms can damage and weaken the roof. Water leaks can occur as the damage becomes more severe, resulting in the development of mold and other issues that could cause more extensive damage to walls, flooring, and other areas of the home. Repair costs can add up quickly.

Roof Inspection Champions Gate, FLWe recommend homeowners have a roof inspection annually. Also, a roof inspection is critical when a hurricane, tornado, or other significant weather event impacts your area even if your home appears undamaged. A licensed home inspector will conduct a thorough review of the roofing system and provide a detailed report about its condition.  A roof inspection is the only way to know the actual condition of your roof and if there are any signs of damage. When problems are discovered early, they can be corrected quickly, prolonging the life of your roof. It also helps to avoid the surprise of more expensive roofing repairs and a premature roof replacement.

Roof Condition Inspection

When your home reaches a certain age, your homeowner’s insurance carrier may require a roof condition inspection and certificate to continue your policy. Insurance companies know that a solid roof is key to reducing expensive claims. It is essential to provide this documentation to your insurance carrier promptly to avoid a lapse in coverage or a significant rate increase. Call us to schedule your Roof Condition Inspection today!