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Orlando Realtors Recommend Us for Seller’s Home Inspections

Having a home inspection conducted before putting your house on the market ensures that you know what you are selling. Our goal is to make the transaction smoother and quicker by discovering the deficiencies that are common issues. This will give you, the seller the opportunity to resolve those issues and present your home in tip-top shape. This will of course give you a selling advantage and put potential buyers minds at ease when considering your property for purchase.

home inspection sellingSeller’s Home Inspection in Orlando – Position your home for a smooth sale.

A sellers inspection is important because it will:

  • Eliminate surprises that can be discovered during the negotiation.
  • Allow ample time for spotting and correcting any current problems.
  • Ensure on time Use and Occupancy permit approval.
  • Possibly take the place of the buyer’s inspection contingency.
  • Give you the confidence to price your home accurately.

During the Home Inspection, we will point out:

  • Major problems – such as structural problems or water damage.
  • Any dangerous elements in the home – such as a gas leak.
  • Any problem that may lead to an even bigger problem in the future – such as a leaking roof.
  • Fundamental elements that do not function up to standard – such as built-in kitchen appliances.

sellers home inspection in orlando fl

This inspection can assure the seller that any problems that need to be taken care of are discovered in advance.

Our goal is to make you, the seller, aware of any issues that may be discovered by the buyer and influence their buying decision. During the home visit, our inspectors walk through the house looking at all major areas of the residence. The homeowner is welcome and encouraged to walk along side of the inspector and listen to any comments or ideas that come up, as some comments may never make it into the final report. It is often helpful for the homeowner to take notes throughout the inspection process for personal use and to ask and clarify any questions. The areas of inspection will include the roof, the interior, the exterior, structural components, insulation, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, ventilation, and any other areas of concern.

After years of building experience, we know the problem areas and what to look out for. We know homes inside and out, and just as we built quality homes, we know how to spot them too. To gain the upper hand in the selling process, call us today to set up an appointment for a home inspection.