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Home Inspections May Reveal Termite or WDO Problems – Termite Inspections

termite inspection in Orlando FLAs apart of any transaction the bank will require a WDO (wood destoying organisms) Inspection, commonly referred to as the Termite Inspection. During the course of our Home Inspection we are trained to be looking for signs of these problems, giving you double the protection when combined with your official WDO Inspection.

Wood Destroying Organisms can spell disaster if left untreated

Termites are insects that feed on dead plant material, mostly in the form of wood, leaves, soil or animal fecal matter. These insects can be very destructive to the wood used in building homes. As they are often extremely difficult to spot before substantial damage is already underway, immediate action upon the first indicator of termite activity is critical.

You may not always be aware of Termite infestation

Termites will typically destroy wood without breaking through to the outside layer, allowing the activity to go unnoticed. A distinguishing sign of termite damage is a hollow piece of wood or wings and droppings left behind. The Orlando climate creates ideal conditions for the attraction and creation of breeding grounds for many types of termites.

There are 3 main types of termites residents of Florida must be aware of:

Subterranean Termite inspection in orlando fl

Subterranean Termites
Subterranean Termites enter homes wherever there is wood to ground contact. They thrive in moist warm areas, many times gaining access to the home through wood at the base of a home and entering through cracks in the foundation at which point they continue to venture further inside and thrive on any type of wood they can find. Subterranean Termites create colonies underground near the structure they are foraging. Colonies can consist of up to two hundred thousand workers. These insects can be identified with their shiny dark brown coloring and white hairless wings.

drywood termite inspections in Orlando fl

Drywood Termites
Drywood Termites are mostly found in the southeastern states. They can be identified by their dark red tinted bodies as well as their dark wings. They swarm mostly at nighttime and tend to be attracted to lights, such as porch or walkway lamps. These insects can be identified by their discarded wings and droppings around the area they are foraging. To rid a structure of these pests, a common method is to use tent fumigation to extinguish the insects with a poisonous gas.

formosan termite inspection

Formosan Termites
Formosan Termites were originally found to reside solely in Asian countries, but have established themselves in the United States as well. These highly destructive termites can build colonies 10 times the size of ordinary subterranean termites and are very difficult to destroy, as they have the ability to build nests above ground in structures made of saliva, mud and fecal matter. These structures have a shell similar to a coconut. Most of the time, multiple methods of extermination must be used to permanently destroy these colonies.

What can be done about Termites?

For termite control and prevention, termiticides and insecticides have been known to be effective, along with fumigation. Preventative measures include using less wood for the foundations of homes and removal of moisture conditions near wooden structures. While prevention is the best method, catching the infestation early is key as well.

If you have any suspicions of possible termite or other wood destroying organism activity in your home or would like the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of a pest-free home you should schedule an inspection now.

*RG&S Home Inspection offers reduced pricing for termite inspections when they are done as a part of our Home Inspection Pricing. If the termite inspection reveals a problem that requires treatment, we can recommend several reliable contractors that can provide WDO treatment solutions as well.