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Thermal Inspections

Home Thermal Inspection in Tavares, FLThermal imaging is a tool we use when looking for water damage while conducting residential and commercial inspections and water damage inspections. When moisture impacts building materials, it changes the temperature of that part of the structure even after it dries and is no longer visible during a visual inspection. A thermographic camera detects the difference in temperature between affected and non-affected materials precisely pinpointing water damaged areas.

During a thermal inspection, a specially-trained inspector will scan the home or building with an infrared camera. It is a fast, accurate, and reliable method for detecting water intrusion, pest infestations, and insulation issues without the need for tearing out materials.


It is also a useful tool for conducting energy audits. It locates areas in the building where energy loss is occurring.

Thermal Inspection Benefits

A thermal inspection offers many benefits for homeowners and businesses:

  • Non-invasive technology
  • Quickly locates problem areas
  • Accepted by insurance carriers

What Does Thermal Imaging Detect?

Thermal imaging can detect a variety of issues, including:

  • Hidden water damage
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Roof Leaks
  • Pest Infestations
  • Insulation Issues
  • Energy Loss

Home Inspection in Clermont FLHome and Commercial Inspections

A thermal inspection is a standard feature of our comprehensive commercial and home inspections. We believe it is essential for prospective buyers to hire an inspector that uses thermal technology because it can find a variety of hidden issues that may be unknown to the current owner. There are several areas of a home or commercial building like the foundation, slab and interior walls, for example, where water damage can occur, but may not be visible to the naked eye. A thermal report will show precisely where any problem areas giving buyers complete and accurate information about the condition of the property.

Thermal Imaging for Water Damage Inspections

Homeowners and business owners should have a thermal inspection whenever they suspect a water problem. Getting a thermal inspection at the first sign of a water leak or moisture intrusion will quickly and accurately pinpoint the source of the problem, so corrective action can be taken to mitigate further damage. The thermal inspection report can be submitted to your insurance carrier to show proof of loss when filing insurance claims.

Save Money on Energy Bills

A thermal inspection can also help lower your energy bills. Infrared technology detects the hot and cold areas of a building to identify where energy loss is occurring. When you know where you are losing energy, you can take the appropriate steps to correct the issue and improve energy efficiency.